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Digital Marketing Technical Implementation Specialist
Full Description


The Wicked Technical Implementation Specialist configures, troubleshoots, and maintains the tracking required to gather marketing performance data for clients of the Wicked Reports marketing data analytics software platform.

About the Job


The Wicked Technical Implementation Specialist configures, troubleshoots, and maintains the tracking required to gather marketing performance data for clients of the Wicked Reports marketing data analytics software platform.

About the Job

The Wicked Technical Implementation Specialist possesses a strong understanding of internet marketing strategies and the associated tracking technologies. You will work with some of the top internet marketers in the world to plan, implement, and maintain the data collection necessary to optimize marketing performance. You will be responsible for setting up tracking and ensuring that our client’s traffic is properly tracked. You will assist with troubleshooting and remediation when needed as well as provide more general software customer service, support, and troubleshooting as necessary.

The Wicked Technical Implementation Specialist should have excellent communication skills and be able to quickly understand complex marketing funnels in order to identify, implement, and troubleshoot solutions to difficult tracking scenarios.

The Wicked Technical Implementation Specialist will be expected to effectively support our clients in collecting the digital marketing performance data necessary to provide industry leading data analytics and marketing attribution reporting.

The Wicked Technical Implementation Specialist will take ownership of the tracking challenges facing our clients by providing the support and technical troubleshooting necessary to gather performance data for existing marketing efforts and to work with our new client onboarding team to get our clients off to a great start by setting up performance tracking correctly in the first place.

This is a full-time W-2 position paying $3500/mo in the Salem, MA area. Candidates should live in the North Shore area. You will work out of our Salem headquarters. We offer a generous vacation policy and flexible work hours.

Required Skills

  • Experience setting up marketing funnels including PPC, email, landing pages, optin forms, and order forms
  • High level of experience with the necessary tracking technologies including UTM tagging, deployment and troubleshooting of JavaScript tracking code on a variety of platforms including Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Facebook Tracking Pixels, and various other third party tracking tools
  • Self-starter who excels at setting goals and knocking them out of the park
  • Gets genuine fulfillment by expertly implementing a tracking strategy that accurately captures the data necessary to optimize your clients’ digital marketing
  • Natural problem-solver with an affinity for puzzles
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to quickly create solutions to complex tracking challenges
  • Strong communication skills that allow you to quickly comprehend your client’s needs and translate project requirements to the rest of the team.

Typical Day

There will be two primary tasks in this role. The first is to properly configure tracking of existing marketing funnels across a variety of channels, platforms, campaigns, and digital media (PPC, Social, Email, direct optin, webinar registration . . . ). The second will be to provide technical support and troubleshooting via our ticketing system for existing clients to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve tracking problems with existing marketing efforts. Your time will likely be split evenly between these two tasks. In both cases you will communicate with clients and internal teams via email, live chat, phone, and video conferencing. You will be managing client onboarding projects and support tickets in Teamwork Projects and ZenDesk respectively.

You usually start your day by checking in on existing onboarding projects to proactively identify any tracking problems or new issues that will need to be addressed, which you will document by creating or updating the related support tickets or project tasks.

From there, while waiting for your first project team meeting of the day, you’ll check in on any new support tickets that have been assigned to you or which came in overnight. You might spend the first part of your day responding to tickets and performing the necessary research and troubleshooting to identify solutions and communicate with clients to coordinate resolution.

You spend a few minutes reviewing the project requirements and current status of a new client onboarding project that you are responsible for in preparation for the project kickoff call. On the call, you will gather the necessary information about the client’s marketing funnel, technology stack, and existing PPC, organic, social, and email campaigns. Having reviewed the details of what will need to be tracked and asking some probing questions to expose any additional considerations, you document the project requirements and outline the steps necessary to configure tracking across the entire funnel.

You may have 3 to 5 of these onboarding projects going on at any given time, so you check in on your upcoming milestones and deadlines to ensure that you’re on track with all projects, prioritizing and managing your workload to stay on track.

Then you jump into your project setup work. This is a very hands-on process of using the information and credentials you’ve collected to jump in and configure and verify the necessary ad and email tracking (UTMs) and JavaScript tracking widgets or pixels.

You run into a particularly challenging scenario that will require additional research and possibly even some programming time. Once you figure out the best solution and receive the necessary feedback to fully resolve the issue, you document the proposed solution and escalate it to our development team. Once resolved you create or update the relevant knowledge base article so that the next time this issue comes up our clients or anyone on the team can easily reference the article and resolve the issue quickly.

After spending a few hours on onboarding project work, you once again check in on your assigned tickets and follow up and close out any open issues - sometimes updating clients on the status or next steps to keep them informed on progress.

Once you’re satisfied that the open tickets have all been addressed, you make a few outbound client engagement calls to check in with your key clients to make sure their tracking and reporting is on track and to update them on the progress of the implementation of their projects.

At the end of the day, after documenting your progress on ongoing projects, you give one final look at the troubleshooting queue to make sure no new tracking issues have popped up, and go spend some time with your friends and family.

If you have an interest in digital marketing and analytics, proven skill at solving unique digital marketing tracking challenges, and a passion to share your technical aptitude and impress your customers, this could be the right opportunity for you! To Apply

The application process starts with a one-way video interview.

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